“Just Keep Swimming……”

I’ve got Disney on the brain people! You’ll see why at the end and everybody hopes for a happy ending right? Well I know I do!! If I were to equate my Fitness Journey to a Disney movie, yesterday evening standing in Super Valu surrounded by Tins of Roses was the equivalent to Sleeping Beauty trying to avoid pricking her finger on that bloody spinning wheel!!!!


It was so hard to walk away! I have found my weakness, the chink in my armour! It’s the weekend! The lovely curl up in a ball, order a takeaway and hibernate Sunday nights! The lure of popcorn while watching I’m A Celeb! After a long week of training and being so disciplined I was on the verge of exhaustion. Not due to the diet or exercise but mainly due to the mental struggle. Controlling the minds impulse to tell me I needed more food…mainly bad bad food that definitely wasn’t in my diet!


Working long days at the weekend and not being able to go to the gym felt like a mental set back and I went to bed last night dejected! I had managed to go an entire week sticking to the diet and getting in the crucial exercise! I even managed to attend a bloggers VIP night in Soho on Thursday night with the most delicious Cocktails and fine cuisine on offer to me and I was as good as gold! I even dolled up and hit the town on Saturday night for one of my besties birthdays and drank sparkling water all night! I thought I was strong! But my weakness was waiting for me on Sunday in that supermarket!!!


So when I went to the Educogym this morning for my session my face said it all. But it didn’t stop my trainer Mike from putting me through my paces. And encouraging me to keep going. And congratulating me on succeeding thus far. I spoke to Michelle the nutritionist and Holly the manager decided to weigh me to give me a little boost to continue on my mission. And what a boost it was!!! I’m down 6 pounds! I’m also down 1% body fat. Holly also mentioned how great my skin was looking from my Facebook pictures. And she’s right….I’m nearly down half a stone and I’ve five days left. I came out of there buzzing!!!


I’ve been revitalised since my weigh in! My determination is back and right on track again! And this time I can see the finishing line, or at least the finishing line for part one! I continued my good diet today using my Nutribullet and met up with one of my good friends for lunch in the East Village. Their menu has such great options when your trying to eat clean. We both had Thai Beef Salad and it was lush! So just because you’re dieting, it doesn’t mean you can’t do things you’d normally do just don’t let your mind wander.


To take my wandering mind off my diet and to make me excited for something in the future I decided it was time to tick something off the bucket list and I booked my ticket to Paris 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 and I’m gonna go to Disneyland people!!! What better way to replace my negatives with positives than to book something to look forward to and work towards! I feel like I can take what I’ve done in the last week and apply it to every day going forward!!


So today is day 7 and I have five days left and if I’ve learned one thing it’s that nobody’s going to hand you your happy ending, you’ve got to get out there and work for it yourself! In the infallible words of a little blue fish you’ve got to….’Just Keep Swimming’


Bon Nuit Beautiful People!!


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