No Pain, No Gain!!

So I’m 3 days into the Educogym 12 day programme and like any other health kick it ain’t without its extreme highs and lows (I had a bit of a whinge last night to myself while David was eating his big fat dinner)😂. I don’t know what it is about this 12 Day Programme though but my brain, for the first time in a long time, just seems to be in sync with my body! I know this because I stood in front of my food cupboards tonight, whipped them open as I decided how I was going to make my meal feel tastier without adding calories and I ended up having a full on staring match with a full jar of Nutella……and I WON!IMG_7373.GIFI’m a food lover, who isn’t really? And making food look good makes me feel better about eating something that can’t necessarily be doused in Mayonnaise. I’m a lover of fruit and salads so what I thought was going to be a struggle is quickly becoming a challenge to think outside the box! Tonight I cooked a chopped chicken breast with a little red onion and garlic to flavour after marinating the chicken in a bag with a tiny drop of oil and BBQ dried spices. I grated raw carrot, cucumber and broke up a satsuma and layered them on top of a bed of spinach and topped it with the chicken. I drizzled Balsamic dressing on top and voilà…..something I wanted to eat that wasn’t a big fat KC’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger with Garlic Fries 😂😂😂

IMG_7370.JPG The exercise bit is great!! After feeling a bit low last night due to my body detoxing I was dreading tonight, and being a makeup artist I was dreading Arms day. I mean it’s a SERIOUS part of my job being able to lift my arms….Duh! But the trainers totally put you at ease and seem genuinely interested in what you do, what your goals are and give great practical advice on how to succeed and survive the detox phase! And it’s over before you know it! 20 minutes, if I can do it, anyone can!!

IMG_7342.JPG I came out of there tonight feeling absolutely great and after a great feed of Popeyes finest it was Davids cue to sit on the couch and eat a Rolo Ice-cream in front of me…..I thinking I’ve got this staring thing down to a fine art!! 😐😐😐Keep me in your prayers 😂


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