Pucker Up 💋💋

I’m gearing up to go on a short holiday with my boyfriend soon and I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack. I doubt it’s going to be warm enough to wear a bikini where we are going but I’d be pretty peeved to head there with jumpers and leggings only to find the place sweltering. So needless to say I’m bloody stumped as to what goes in the teeny tiny case. But, whatever, I’ll surely figure that out before my head melts!

IMG_6744.JPGBut what I always have too much success in is over packing my makeup case! And seeing as I have very little space I decided to streamline what I bring with me – I PROMISE I WILL TRY! So I’ve been looking for a trend based lippy that I can wear pretty much day and night while I’m away and seeing as Kylie Jenner’s lips are the talk of the town, I want a look that will emulate her pretty pout (without the fillers!!)

IMG_6749.JPGSo I had a root around in MAC the other day for some lip-speration and decided to go for a Matte Pink with density called “Mehr”. It’s a common known trick among Makeup Artists that matte texture gives the look of increased volume to lips, plumping them out and making them look more luscious. That’s why many people who wear red lippy opt for matte texture, it’s the ultimate in Hollywood glamour. When it comes to other tones, we are seeing a serious throwback to the nineties with matte browns and plums making an unbelievable comeback….but this time we’ve got the look down!



IMG_6743.JPGSo I’ve opted for “Mehr” because it’s not too plum looking, it’s more of a matte dusky pink and I’m going to team it with Plum Lip Pencil to balance it completely.

IMG_6750.JPGI’ll post a holiday blog with more of what I wore when I get back and here’s hoping that I stick to my plan and don’t go overboard with the cosmetic packing for my holiday! But at least I know I’ll have the perfect pout for all those holiday snaps 😘

Night y’all!


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