The Art of Letting Yourself Be Pampered….

So surely I must be the only beauty professional in the country at this stage who is………ahem……..a Spa Experience Virgin. For Shame I hear you say? Hmmm….maybe as a makeup artist yes….but as a woman….no.

The reason I’m not ashamed to admit that I have never visited a Spa in my 31 years is probably the same reason most women (and maybe men) would agree upon….we just don’t have the time or cannot make time for ourselves! I mean it’s just about enough that we can squeeze in the occasional hair or nail appointment while working long hours, whether you are a mum or you are in the office/department store/hospital etc! So I don’t feel ashamed….I feel more bemused!


Well not anymore people!!! Because Jenny has gone to the Spa and Jenny loved it!!! Let me tell you why I loved it in a second. Firstly let me tell you all the reasons I have just not gotten around to ‘hitting the Spa’.

As much as I love both my jobs, my family, my home, my hubby and my hobbies there seems to be this modern day unspoken ethos surrounding the way we work….and work….oh ya and WORK. ‘We must not stop……ever’! We must provide, we must nurture, we must stress, we must worry, we must not get 8 hours of sleep a night, we must not get sick….and so on and so forth!


Freelancing is not 9-5 Monday to Friday….it can be balancing a book of appointments that can take you to either side of the city and beyond many times a day. It can be the constant struggle to make sure that you satisfy as many lovely loyal clients as you possibly can (I hate to say No and I hate to disappoint) It can be the 6am starts to be at a job in the next county to be on top form to make sure that the lovely girl you are about to make up feels cool, calm, relaxed and ready to get hitched!

It is answering countless emails from four different accounts on top of text messages and phone calls at any stage of the day or night, any day of the week. People are relying on you on one of the most important days of their lives! It’s not just a job to me but the job part of it isn’t without its stresses. And I’m sure countless women AND men can relate in their own lives and in their own work situations.

So, this is why, NOW……POST Spa Experience I am kicking myself as to why I haven’t been bloody doing this since I turned 18, not to mind 31!!! LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY……YOU DESERVE THIS!!! God knows you work hard enough. You work hard to pay a mortgage, to pay for your kids education, to go on a two week holiday for the 5/6 days of looking tanned post holiday until it’s yanked away from you as soon as your skin has re-adjusted to lovely over cast Ireland!! So you definitely need this… least once and at most infinitely!


This year has had serious ups and downs for me. Loosing both my Grans within 7 months of each other was really tough and my mental and physical health took a bit of a nose dive as a result. And I know I am not alone when I say that this climate both meteorological and economical is undoubtedly a serious strain on a lot of people’s mental and physical health as well!!

And let me that tell you none of the above entered my mind as I sat in the relaxation room of the Maryborough Spa on Monday (well maybe I had my Grans voices in my head telling me to enjoy this 😉). All I could do was look at the beautiful waterfall cascading down the window opposite and think to myself….you deserve more of this!


If it wasn’t for Lisa’s ( suggestion I would still be in the dark about the joys of a Spa day! So thanks pal! For a few blissful hours we enjoyed swimming in a hydra pool (albeit after we procured ourselves some lovely swimsuits thanks to the lovely Gemma at reception who came to our rescue after Lisa neglected to mention to me that we would need them 😂😂 – Lisa doing her best Olympic Swimmer Impression was hysterical), chilling in the sauna, unsuccessfully tried negotiating the steam room (which made for more laughs) and then we headed back to the relaxation room and chilled out until our therapists collected us.


I decided to have the Maryborough Signature Facial as I have had massages before but….shock,horror….I have never had a facial!! Yes I can’t believe it either! Well this bad boy was certainly worth the wait! My lovely therapist Amanda took me to my treatment room where we discussed a few things first. She told me the ins and outs of what I was going to have done and then gave me the options of a few different scents, I ended up going with Ylang Ylang in the end…Just Lush!! She also asked me what Mood Chakra Colour I wanted….I had a choice of three so I opted for Violet!! Weak already and I hadn’t even reached the treatment bed 😍


The Signature Facial consists of a cleanse to begin with followed by the use of a skin lamp to view the condition of the underlying layers of skin. I had discussed my skin with Amanda in the beginning, suggesting I was dry with a slightly oily t-zone and she confirmed this for me. Then it was down to business!

Combining steam and a Clairisonic she exfoliated my face and neck. It was lush! My mum used to stick our heads into a bowl of steam covering us and the bowl with a towel to trap the steam when we were kids! She would just even hear us sniffle and out came the bowl and on went the kettle and despite HATING having to be steamed I loved to way my skin used to feel afterwards! After that, Amanda gave me an extensive face, neck and upper chest massage but to be honest the details were all a little vague as I was well and truly chilled at this stage. All I knew was Amanda had magic hands!

Which were put to the test when she gave me a foot massage (if my sister is reading this shes contorting in pain as she can’t stand feet…..especially mine…and they’re not that bad!!) Though I was slightly freaked at the thought of someone touching my feet I have to admit it was beyond amazing and I can see why reflexology works wonders! The next step was adding the Espa Lift and smoothing mask to my skin which was cooling and scented with menthol. While this set on my skin she gave me an amazing scalp massage and finished by removing the mask. My skin felt like a Peach….ripe, plump and silky smooth! All in all, the entire facial is something I will definitely be doing more regularly (Lisa found this hilarious – one visit and I’m officially a junkie!)


After our treatments we chilled in the relaxation suite for a bit before heading to a private area of the spa for some lunch while still in our robes 💆 The whole day was such an eye opener to me. I willingly go out on a night out and on average spend the bones of €100-€150 on outfits/hair/taxis/booze and wake up the next morning with the grim reaper hanging over me all day. When the alternative could be taking a Sunday for myself, bringing some girlfriends or maybe the hubby along and telling the Grim Reaper to jog on.

The lightbulb moment on Monday was the realisation that giving yourself a bit of mental relaxation, a break from the norm so to speak will hopefully help encourage the physical being to follow. I’m still working on both but this is sure to be a greatly positive future outlet to help me!!


I had originally planned to go into detail on the products and techniques but I decided to focus on the benefits of this wonderful experience instead and hopefully relate to you why I think we all should adjust our sails a little to take a bit of time to genuinely relax. My experience wouldn’t have been what it was if we didn’t have excellent service and attention at the Maryborough Hotel and Spa ….click the link to visit their website for fantastic monthly offers on different treatments. Take yourself, take a friend, take your man but definitely take five xx

Trust me, you need it and I’ll probably see you there!! 😉





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