The Art of the Quick Fix…

Hola Beautiful Warpainters!!

Isn’t it amazing what a few minutes TLC can do makeup wise?!! How a quick bit of topping up can make a world of difference if you’re going from day to night, from home to the pub, flying out the door to do some shopping!

Yesterday I was wearing Prolongwear concealer mixed with Strobe cream, light brows, powder and Mascara (left picture below!) when I took the first photo! I had been wearing it all day so by 6pm due to how humid it was it had slipped off my T-Zone and Chin(broke my cardinal rule of forgetting to reapply powder throughout the day! BOLD JEN)

Anyhoo! I was heading to an Event at Salon Shop regarding a new product they are distributing and needed to re-invent my face but I didn’t have much time to do it. So the bottom right is the result of 15 mins of topping up my skin!!

Yes people!! 15 minutes!
1. Reapplied some fresh Prolongwear Concealer with my fingers & polished it with my stipling brush.
2. Lightly powdered over it with Studio Careblend powder!
3. Quickly contoured with Inglots HD Contour&Highlight powder!
4. Added highlight with Sharon Osbournes Limited Edition MAC Highlighter(no blush)
4. Using one eye shadow, a matte deep plum colour, Deep Damson (THANK YOU ANITA O BRIEN FOR BRINGING THIS HOME FROM NYC FOR ME 😍😍) I buffed it out into a smoke on the lid, into the socket and under the eye.
5. Added Feline Black Kohl pencil to the waterline and Sense of Style Blue Pearlglide liner above the lash line(threw it on-no lies)
6. Topped up mascara and glued Penny’s lashes on
7. Added Phloof to highlight inner eye
8. Lined lips with Essence lip liner Wish Me a Rose and added To The Future peach lipstick from MAC and finished with Lots Of Laughs Gloss, also MAC.

Literally it took me less time to apply everything than it did to think out and type out this blog!!

So if ur in a rush and need a go to top up kit assess your options and prepare a kit for yourselves! Who knows where you might be whisked off to at the drop of a hat!

Later Beauties,


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