The Quest Continues….

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Wedding season is in full swing and I’ve been pretty much eating, sleeping and breathing weddings for the last few months! Can’t complain though because a few weddings have been my own close friends and those days were amazing!


So yet again the blogging has fallen by the wayside while I gaze at the calendar wondering ‘Where the hell did the last six months go???’ Anyway, I was going through my box of skincare and thought I’d put fingers to keyboard and continue documenting my quest for better skin.

I previously touched on Micellar Water Cleansing which is so quick easy and effective but it isn’t a product I use alone. I recently invested in some Boots skincare in the form of No.7 and for those of you who know me you already know the terrible affliction I suffer from in the form of being unable to resist the dreaded 3 for 2 offer they always have going!!! So about two months ago I purchased a few bits to try out and I must say I love them.

Now with any skincare, whether it be No.7, Lancôme, Clinique, Clairns, Creme, MAC or any brand you need to know what is suitable for your skin, as well as what action you want it to preform. For me, I’ve noticed lately I’m getting quite an oily T-zone, especially around my nose and I’m not as dry as I used to be, but I am absorbing a lot of product, which is usually a good indication that I’m dehydrated! So that’s a lovely list of polar opposite things I need to combat right there!

But mostly what I want my products to do are make my skin feel softer and plumped out, it’s what I look to do on clients when I’m applying skincare on them – it makes the skin ripe and prepped before you apply makeup! So I’m not looking for anything too fan-dangled, just fresher looking skin.

And I’ll be totally honest with ye, I’ve been a total hypocrite, I know how important skincare is to makeup application but I haven’t been the most diligent in that department in the past! Hence, the 31 year milestone attack of conscience and a mad flurry of 3 for 2 offers in Boots! I swear they see me coming EVERY TIME 😂!


I am using the Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Toner and the Beautiful Skin Day and Night Cream for the last few months and I am loving the effects. Soft, plump and hydrated….I sound like a peach! I am a bit of a skincare whore though so I tend to buy products and not finish them or stick with them as soon as I find something better so I am trying to be good and continue using to one set of products! (Now in saying that I do have another go to skincare brand that I love and what the consultant taught me really opened my eyes to the harsh way in which we treat our skin! I will be covering this brand in a separate skincare post next week)

But back to business! I picked up a few other products that I want to touch on before I finish.


I purchased the Hot Cloth Cleanser, Beautfiul Skin Hydration Mask and Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator a while back and though I use these products less, I treat them like mini facial products on days where I have more time. These are the type of products that are similar to hair treatments….use them once a week or twice a month, given that little bit of extra time you can sit back and relax and create a home spa day experience for yourself(questioning now when I’m going to fit in this spa time for myself😂) The Exfoliator is something I keep in the shower and use once or twice a week. The hydration mask is a treatment once a week where I apply it(it has a cold soothing feeling when it’s applied) and lie back for a few minutes or up to ten minutes and relax and then tissue it off and wash my face. The Hot Cloth Cleanser is the ultimate home spa luxury(especially as I really don’t have the time to hit the spa at the moment!) Even the instructions advise you to close your eyes and massage the product onto your skin in circular motions, dip the cloth in reasonably hot water, wring out the excess water, place it over your face to open pores and just relax!! (I wonder could I teach David to do this for me haaaa)


I previously posted about my love for Jo Malone Vitamin E Day Cream, it’s so luxurious and lovely to give the skin a pick me up during the hot summer as I find I’m more prone to breakouts and pimples, When you’re working flat out in this heat and humidity it’s always good to give your skin an extra boost….and this product is my favourite booster 👸💗👍


Lastly, to Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator and Advanced Night Repair Cream. I LOVE this serum under my moisturiser and foundation, it has a slightly golden pearly glow and really evened up my extremely red and freckly Skintone. I have fallen head over heels for it! The eye cream is a must for me, especially during wedding season. It helps to soothe and plump out the skin again, something I’m in serious need of. I always feel like I’m tired and I can see a serious difference in my eyes and lids in the last year due to the lack of Excercise, eating badly and not getting enough sleep! This has really helped me to combat my tired eyes!

So that’s it! A total summery of what’s in my skincare box(at the moment anyway!!) Stick a comment underneath or on Facebook with any skincare you use that you cannot live without, I’d love to know what skincare you all cannot live without!

Later Beauties!


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