On the Road to Better Skin!

So I was talking a few days ago with everyone on my Facebook page about skincare products and how now that I’m trekking further into my thirties that subconscious need to take better care of my skin has now become conscious action.

So last week when me and a friend (and fellow makeup artist) were out scouring Boots for good beauty buys she frantically searched the shelves for Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, saying it was murder to get a hold of. Hidden away on the bottom shelf was this €4.19 treasure! Well I’m a jump on the bandwagon kinda gal so if it was good enough for my buddy then I was purchasing as well!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml
Boots Stores Nationwide €4.19

So after that we had a conversation with yet another makeup artist friend of ours regarding this Micellar water and she told us that top artists at Paris Fashion Week were flashing this stuff around the place like it was gold! Now in fairness, I think the one they were using was Bioderma or another French Brand which is a tad more expensive but Micellar water is Micellar water whatever way it’s packaged! It’s great at cleaning away makeup quickly, your skin doesn’t feel tight after it and my skin is really after clearing up since I started using it in conjunction with a few other products which I will address in my next piece.

I’m using it late at night to cleanse off makeup, as I’m at my most tired late at night, the urge to just not bother is all too frequent!! I follow with a night cream and eye cream and when I wake up in the morning with a face that feels like baby’s skin I know I’m finally doing something right!!!


Good Morning to fresh skin!

So rush out now Warpainters and grab this bargain every professional makeup artist is lusting after before they’re snatched up by ME!!! More to come on the skincare front soon!


Ps!!! Here’s a link to a piece on exactly what Micellar Water is…..’here comes the science bit!!!’
Micellar Water – what exactly is it??

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