It’s Pamperin’ Time!!

Happy Friday Makeup Warriors!!

Ok now I think everyone knows, first and foremost, that walking into Boots with money in your pocket is a recipe for DISASTER!!! So today, magically, as all my eye and lip pencils begin to stub right before a busy weekend of beautifying my pencil sharpener decides to vanish into thin air and I haven’t got time to swoop past MAC and grab a new one! Not a bother, I’ll just pop to Boots near my house in Douglas instead(there’s my first mistake)! Oh handy, the accessories hang just inside the door, I’ll just avert my eyes from beauty products and wayhey here I have found a duo sharpener for just €3……that’ll do. Right? WRONG!!!

As I turn to head to the till my favourite pink packaging catches my eye in the form of Soap and Glory. Era, I’ll just have a quick nose, sure I have everything in the range already. Right?? WRONG AGAIN!!! My absolute favourite product from their range Sugar Crush Body Scrub is back in stock (DARN IT) and I am so weak for this product. It’s the only product I think I’ve ever scraped to the end of the tub and the smell of the Sweet Limes teamed with smashed brown sugar, almond oil and grains of macadamia give me a bit of a weakness (It definitely has nothing to do with it smelling like Captain Morgs Spiced with Coke and a slice of lime!)

Naturally, it must be purchased! Sweet, I’ll be all lush and smooth before my hols next week. That’s everything I need. Right?? WRONG DAMN IT!! Here’s the disaster……..3 for 2 on All Soap and Glory Products. Ah please now! But I already have everythi………wait no, what’s this?! They’ve only gone and added a Body Wash and Body Buttercream to the Sugar Crush range!!! At this stage my eyes are hanging out of my head and my Ted Baker wallet is singing to me along with the products on the shelf. “Buy me, buy me, buy me” Ah crap, my rubber arm is scooping up the wash and body butter before my brain can object!

Soap And Glory 3 for 2

^^ S&G Sugar Crush Body Wash €9.00, S&G Sugar Crush Body Butter €14.75,

S&G Sugar Crush Body Scrub €11.25 All available at Boots^^

At this stage my brain decides not to override my arms command and in a flash I am laden with pink tubs and bottles and en route to the till (while shielding my eyes from ANY OTHER POSSIBLE TARGETS) I’ve just become another victim of the 3 for 2! But as I sit here, typing this post, I feel rather justified in my purchases. I walked into New Look straight after, tried on at least ten different things and they were all horrific on me so I saved myself some money right there! Right?? RIGHT!! Hee hee!

So tonight, seeing as David (my other half) is up in Dublin playing a match, I think it’s a fine time to have a good soak, pamper and preen myself, hog the couch and I maaaaaybe might just hit up ASOS for some holiday bits 😀 Oh and sharpen my pencils for the weekend, that was the whole reason I went into Boots in the first place. Right??!!

Have a Soap and Glorious Weekend Ladies!!


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